Big Round Twine

The increasing use of Big Round bales has seen major innovation and development by Donaghys to satisfy the demands of the marketplace. Donaghys provide a range of sisal, both treated and untreated, and UV stabilised synthetic twines for Big Round hay and silage solutions.

In response to market demands, Donaghys’ synthetic twines are highly visible with longer spools to maximise baler machine runnage and reduce downtime in the field, saving the contractor time and money. 


Natural Big Round

Made from natural sisal, Natural Big Round has a non toxic rot proof preservative that gives significantly longer protection against fibre breakdown in the field. Each spool contains 2100m ensuring minimal down time in the field replacing finished spools.

  • Natural biodegradable sisal twine
  • 2100 metres per spool
  • Not suitable for use under plastic silage wrap

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Silage Twine

Donaghys most environmentally friendly big round twine, Silage Twine was specifically developed for use on big round balers and under plastic silage wrap.  Natural untreated non toxic sisal quickly breaks down so is ideal for baled silage and can be left in the field.  Silage Twine is designed not to react with silage wrap.

  • Natural untreated biodegradable sisal twine
  • 3000 metres per spool
  • Recommended for use under silage wrap

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Sisal Binder twine

Sisal Binder Twine is a completely natural untreated biodegradable twine.  Recommended for use in big round bales and sheaf hay.

  • Natural untreated biodegradable twine
  • 812 metres per spool
  • Completes approx 2900 sheafs per bale

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Big Blue

Designed as a major time saver when baling, Big Blue has an exceptionally long 6000m spool to maximise baler machine runnage and reduce time lost in the field.  Couple this with the added advantage of a highly visible incandescent blue fibre and superior U.V. resistance, you have a synthetic twine that allows real savings and efficiency in the use of time and money

  • Highly visible with superior UV resistance
  • 6000 metres per spool
  • For low to medium density big round bales

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Superfilm Big Round

Superfilm Big Round is a synthetic twine offering excellent value for money.  This tough, rot resistant synthetic twine has high UV resistance yet is easy through the baler.  Each 4000m spool is bright orange in colour for high visibility in the field and is designed for use in all big round balers.

  • Highly visible orange twine
  • 4000 metres per spool
  • For use in all big round balers

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