Silage Underlayer

Originally designed as a secondary skin and protective layer in case of breakdown of the main silage cover, Donaghys' Underlayer is now intended to closely follow and adhere to the silage pit surface, preventing pockets of air forming and reducing spoilage. The vacuum film decreases the gas permeability and nitrogen oxide remains longer in the silo thus decreasing bacteria that can cause silage mould. The air seal also facilitates a faster more efficient fermentation process to deliver enhanced silage quality.

  • Acts as additional protection in case of damage to main sheet
  • Tough enough to withstand being walked on when it is being laid
  • Better recycling of the main sheet since it has no contact with fodder
  • Up to 25% less permeability of oxygen
  • Less permeability to all silage gases
  • Ideal for moist crops with greater potential for spoilage
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