Silage Inoculant

ECOSYL - The world's most proven Silage Inoculant

Unpredictable weather changes can hamper even the best efforts to produce quality forage.  Inoculating silage with Ecosyl is not only your insurance against fermentation risks; it is also a proven way to increase animal performance on dairy, sheep and beef farms. There are many factors influencing silage quality, some of which are not in your control. Using Ecosyl helps overcome any deficiencies, reducing the risk of poor silage.

Why use it?

  • Ecosyl  reduces risk of poor silage by overcoming deficiencies.
  • Fast, efficient fermentation can be achieved with  minimal  dry matter losses.

Technology & trials

Ecosyl’s performance is supported by more independent trials than any other inoculant. Trials have shown that Ecosyl treated forage:

  • Yielded an additional 1.2 litres milk/cow/day on average.
  • Delivered 27.4  litres more milk per tonne of silage.
  • Improved rumen efficiency with up to 42% higher true protein.
  • Gave a more palatable result with 5% higher dry matter intake.
  • Increased nutrient absorption (extra 3% digestibility).
  • Resulted in 10.5% higher beef weight gain overall.


Ecosyl 100

Ecosyl contains high numbers of MTD/1, a single specially selected strain of Lactobacillus plantarum.  MTD/1 is a highly efficient producer of lactic acid and acts over wider ranges of pH, temperature and dry matters than most other strains of L.plantarum.  MTD/1 promotes more rapid pH fall with higher lactic acid and lower ammonia, essential for stable silage and nutrient preservation. 

  • Available in Dry 20kg bags or in Liquid 2L bottles
  • For both standard and Ultra Low Volume application

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