Life on the land can be messy enough at the best of times.  That’s why Donaghys provide a range of quality stirrers, pumps and dispensers.  Designed with the end user in mind and for maximum cleanliness.

Recommended for use with Donaghys range of agricultural chemicals. 

Drum Pumps

The Eziaction® drum pump, as its name suggests, is easy to use and has been specifically designed for maximum cleanliness when using bulk liquid drums.  Fits both 100 & 200 litre drums. Suitable for all Donaghys liquid products that do not contain harsh solvents.

  • Superior polypropylene construction - wide chemical resistance
  • True double action pump - continuous fast flow
  • Foot valve holder is secured tightly so doesn't slip
  • Anti pumping safety device - deters access by children
  • Pumps from base of container - all contents emptied
  • Unique Ezi-action® Adaptor Fittings - leak free, secure fit
  • 24 month manufacturer's warranty - high quality construction

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