As a result of rigorous research and trials, Donaghys offer fungicides for use on the vineyard as well as on crops.  Utilising optimal microbial fermentation, Donaghys biofungicides bring high levels of beneficial compounds for stimulating plant and soil microorganisms. 


FoliActive is a ACVM registered biofungicide that aids in the control of Botrytis and Powdery Mildew. FoliActive has no withholding period or residue and presents a significant saving compared to the cost of similar biofungicides.

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Donaghys Mycowet® is a non-ionic organosilicone 'Super Spreader' surfactant blend for the application of Donaghys Mycotak® and Donaghys Myco-RF® fungicides.

Contains a proprietary organosilicone/organic fluid blend.

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For the control of Rust and Fusarium species in pasture and Crown Rust, Stem Rust and Blind Seed in ryegrass seed crops.

Contains 800g/kg tebuconazole in the form of a wettable powder.

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LIQUID Mycotak®

Pasture applied fungicide for the control of the causal organism of Facial Eczema.

Contains 500g/litre Carbendazim in the form of a suspension concentrate.

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