Synthetic Horticultural twine

Donaghys synthetic horticultural twines are available in a number of different colours and sizes for a wide variety of horticultural and gardening applications.  Donaghys synthetic twines are all UV stabilised, light in weight with a relatively high stretch and breaking load. 

These twines are manufactured for Australasian conditions at Donaghys ISO9001:2000 accredited factory, ensuring quality and performance.  From light synthetic twines for smaller crops to stronger lashings for tying fruit trees, Donaghys have an option to suit any grower or gardener.  

Hop Twine

A strong synthetic yellow twine designed specifically for the hop industry.  Utilised for training hop plants from the ground to aerial support wires, ensuring safe plant maturity.

  • UV stabilised for increased durability
  • Strong enough to support weight of hop plant
  • High performing, with a minimum tensile strength of 50kg
  • Available in a bale of 2 x 5000m spools

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Black Lashings

A range of synthetic black lashings for horticultural applications that require a stronger lashing including training and supporting fruit trees.  Also used in packaging applications.

  • Medium to heavy twines for stronger applications
  • UV stabilised for increased durability
  • Available in a range of sizes to meet growers’ needs

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Growers Twine

A range of light synthetic twines designed for grower’s needs. Primarily used for training, supporting and tying a wide variety of fruit and vegetables including kiwifruit, grapes, tomatoes and peppers.

  • UV stabilised for increased durability
  • High performing, with a minimum tensile strength of 30kg
  • Available in a range of colours in spools or multi end cops

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