Dairy Brochures


Donaghys N-Boost

N-Boost™ is a patented nitrogen booster using world first technology. Since 2008, there have been over 280 pasture and crop trials conducted by over 40 independent universities and organisations.

  • Double the pasture response of 40kg of urea
  • Significantly reduce the cost of dry matter production
  • Farm with nitrogen restrictions
  • Increase crop yields

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Donaghys Dairy

Whilst others talk about productivity, we guarantee it. That's because we are genuinely serious about dairy - our customers' bottom-line, and the success of the New Zealand dairy industry.

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Donaghys FoliActive

FoliActive is an ACVM registered biofungicide that aids in the control  of Botrytis and Powdery Mildew. FoliActive has no withholding period or residue and presents a significant saving compared to the cost of  similar biofungicides.

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