Animal Health

A cow's rumen (and calf's) is an important part of its digestive system. During times of stress or varying feed quality, a cow can quickly lose condition. Donaghys provide a range of animal health products which include probiotic extracts and Sodium Monensin which work in different ways as Rumen Conditioners.

Our probiotic extracts have been specifically formulated by PhD Microbiologists to utilise a blend of highly beneficial bacteria and fungi. This creates the perfect balance of microbes to enhance feed conversion and digestion in animals.

Donaghys has developed the new Sodium Monensin - an ionophore to aid in the prevention of bloat, ketosis and coccidiosis. ProMonensin 60 will increase feed conversion, milk production and weight gain in your dairy cattle.

Donaghys also recently entered the drench market and have been developing ever since. We have launched our first cattle pour-on drench and have more drenches on their way. 

Probiotic Extract

ProCalf 5L Label


Raise superior calves for less than $5 per head

A premium probiotic extract with rennet which includes microbes licensed from AgResearch to promote growth, development and health in calves raised on milk and milk replacer.

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Scientifically developed to stimulate the establishment and activity of healthy microbes in the rumen to enhance digestion, feed conversion and milk production.

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RumenZyme Cobalt Plus

A probiotic extract formulation designed to activate beneficial rumen microbes, promote rumen development in young stock, boost Vitamin B12 levels and promote optimal digestion.

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Sodium Monensin

ProMonensin 60

A scientifically formulated liquid containing Sodium Monensin to aid the treatment and prevention of bloat, ketosis and increase milk production.

Contains 60g/L of Sodium Monensin.

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ProMonensin PreMix 20

A scientifically formulated powder containing 20% Sodium Monensin. It adjusts the rumen microbe population, reducing gas producing bacteria. This assists the population of good microbes leading to improved rumen condition.

ProMonensin PreMix 20 is designed to be blended into bulk feeds such as PKE or added to silage/supplements at the feed mill or directly on-farm. It is intended primarily for dairy cows, replacement heifers and beef cattle but is also suitable for use in hard feeds for sheep and goats.

Contains 200g/kg Sodium Monensin

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Premium Bloat

A blended mixture of Alcohol Ethoxylates for drenching and trough treatment as an aid in the prevention of bloat in cattle.

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ProAbamec Pour-on

Donaghys ProAbamec is a cattle pour-on drench for the treatment and control of internal and external parasites in cattle.

Contains 10mg/mL of Abamectin.

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Saturn Pour-on

Saturn Pour-on, a broad spectrum combination (ML/clear) pour-on drench for the treatment and control of roundworms, including endectocide resistant strains, lungworms and sucking lice in cattle. Saturn Pour-on is a highly potent combination pour-on to help delay the onset of resistance and is an ideal drench for younger stock or areas where Cooperia spp resistant to endectocides is apparent.

Active Ingredients
200g/L Levamisole, 10g/L Abamectin

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Concur Cattle

Concur Cattle HiMin, a dual action white/clear combination mineralised cattle oral drench for the treatment and control of roundworms, lungworm and tapeworm in cattle.

Active Ingredients
160g/L Levamisole, 90.6g/L Oxfendazole

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Invicta Injection 500ml

Invicta Injection 500ml

Invicta Injection, a combination (ML/sulphonamide) with broad spectrum action and specific fluke control cattle injectable drench for the control of roundworms, lungworm, liver fluke, lice and mites in cattle.

Active Ingredients
10g/L Ivermectin, 100g/L Clorsulon

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MoxiPor Pour On

Long lasting endectocide for Cattle and Deer.

For the treatment and control of internal and external parasites of cattle (including lactating dairy cattle) and for the treatment and control of lungworm and roundworms of deer. Improves milk production in lactating dairy cow and increases weight gains in growing beef and dairy cattle exposed to parasite challenge.

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