Probiotic Extract

Donaghys Rumen Conditioners include probiotic extracts.

Probiotic extract bacteria and yeast are designed to ensure rumen condition and feed conversion are not compromised, resulting in positive effects on animal productivity.

Donaghys probiotic extract products also contain Amino acids and vitamins which promote efficient microbe function. The probiotic extract cultures create a range of natural gut modifying substances and buffers, targeting improved gut wall condition and stabilized pH in the rumen. 

Donaghys have created a unique cell-fragmentation process which releases digestion enzymes including Amylase for starch digestion and Cellulase for fibre digestion and carbohydrate release.

ProCalf 5L Label


Raise superior calves for less than $5 per head

A premium probiotic extract with rennet which includes microbes licensed from AgResearch to promote growth, development and health in calves raised on milk and milk replacer.

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Scientifically developed to stimulate the establishment and activity of healthy microbes in the rumen to enhance digestion, feed conversion and milk production.

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RumenZyme Cobalt Plus

A probiotic extract formulation designed to activate beneficial rumen microbes, promote rumen development in young stock, boost Vitamin B12 levels and promote optimal digestion.

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