Raise superior calves for less than $5 per head

A premium probiotic extract with rennet which includes microbes licensed from AgResearch to promote growth, development and health in calves raised on milk and milk replacer.

  • Liquid form is easy to mix and use
  • Faster growth and earlier maturity
  • Enhances both liquid and solid feed utilisation
  • Rennet promotes casein clotting – helping to reduce dietary scouring
  • Promotes development of the rumen and digestive tract for earlier weaning
  • Overall ROI of over 5:1

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Donaghys probiotic extracts are microbiological preparations designed to promote beneficial rumen microbes and to stabilise gut conditions. Some definitions of probiotics (motivated largely by recent interest in probiotics for humans) emphasise live microorganisms. The original definition and some definitions reflective of modern research recognise the probiotic value of non-live microorganisms.

Donaghys have shown the effectiveness of specifically cell burst probiotic organisms for effect on ruminant livestock. The intelligent definitions recognise that some of the most effective probiotic microorganisms in agriculture (and in some cases, human health) do not operate by inoculating the gut and components of probiotic microorganisms show probiotic activity. Donaghys probiotic extract technology releases the full potential of those components.

Don't let a poor performing rumen interrupt productivity, livestock condition or feed utilisation
The rumen micro-organisms are the key to efficient digestion. It is through the rumen that the animal starts deriving energy, protein and mineral nutrition from pasture and feed.  The process is dominated by micro-organisms.  It is the beneficial rumen micro-organisms targeted by Donaghys probiotic extracts that lead to improved productivity and performance.

Active Probiotic Extract Components
Donaghys Probiotic Extracts contain a wide range of optimised microbial promoting substances. Microbes are easily the quickest growing and multiplying form of life and the selected microorganisms harnessed by Donaghys produce high levels of substances that promote the growth of beneficial microbes.  Donaghys products also contain amino acids and vitamins that promote efficient microbe function.  The probiotic extract cultures make available a range of natural gut modifying substances and buffers targeting improved gut wall condition and stabilized pH in the rumen.

The cell-fragmentation process also releases digestion enzymes including Amylase for starch digestion and Cellulase for fibre digestion and carbohydrate release.

Why use probiotic extracts?
Modern day ruminant animals are subject to vastly differing conditions in terms of feed type and quality and pressure on rumen microbes than the conditions these animals and their microbes evolved under.  This disparity means that optimal conditions for a healthy population of rumen microbes can frequently be compromised, which in turn can have a negative effect on feed utilisation and thus animal productivity.

Donaghys probiotic extract formulations are designed to ensure rumen conditions and thus feed utilisation, are not compromised. This in turn has very positive effects on animal productivity.

"Since using ProCalf, we have cut back on using antibiotics. Instead, the probiotic extract in ProCalf helps prevent disease and illness. So not only is it excellent to use, it’s also saving us money on antibiotics!"  Clive & Jorja Walden. Supreme Award winners of the 2012 Northland Ballance Farm Environment Awards

"Our calves were weaned 3 weeks earlier and made an easy transition to feed changes."  Krissy Rutten, White Peak Dairies, Ashburton.

"Our calves have consistently been well well ahead of target weights throughout the season and going into winter have been strong and healthy."  Jess Bramer and Darren Sim, Trading as B S Farming, Rimu

"ProCalf is easy to use with no mixing or heating - just a quick squirt with the drench gun. "  Paul and Lesley Grey, Wairarapa-Moana Pouakani Maori Trust, Whakamaru

"The calves are healther, stronger animals with much less sickness. We also save in milk as the calves reach weaning weight earlier."  Katrina & Carl Silvester

"We could see a huge difference and treated calves even looked happier the whole time."  Barry and Heather Scott, South Canterbury

"ProCalf calves had a healthier appetite (6.3% increased intake)"  AgResearch Trial, Grassland Research Centre, Palmerston North

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