Sodium Monensin

Donaghys have released the New Sodium Monensin - Making something good, Bigger and Better.

ProMonensin 60

A scientifically formulated liquid containing Sodium Monensin to aid the treatment and prevention of bloat, ketosis and increase milk production.

Contains 60g/L of Sodium Monensin.

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ProMonensin PreMix 20

A scientifically formulated powder containing 20% Sodium Monensin. It adjusts the rumen microbe population, reducing gas producing bacteria. This assists the population of good microbes leading to improved rumen condition.

ProMonensin PreMix 20 is designed to be blended into bulk feeds such as PKE or added to silage/supplements at the feed mill or directly on-farm. It is intended primarily for dairy cows, replacement heifers and beef cattle but is also suitable for use in hard feeds for sheep and goats.

Contains 200g/kg Sodium Monensin

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