Dairy Shed

Keep your dairy shed clean, grade free and your animals happy with Donaghys range of dairy shed products.

We have a range of products designed for New Zealand conditions, which are safe to use in a dairy shed when used according to guidelines.

The dairy shed product range includes acid and alkali detergents, dairy rubberware, teat care and dairy markers

Acids & Alkalis


Pureflush is a new generation dairy acid sanitiser formulated from break-through technology using highly concentrated active ingredients found naturally occurring in milk.

1.5mL/Litre water

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Ecoflush Acid Sanitiser

Donaghys Ecoflush is a patented low foaming concentrated acid sanitiser and is biodegradable. Ecoflush is highly effective in all water temperatures and in the presence of iron contamination or hard water. It is less damaging to many dairy surfaces and non corrosive to steel.

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Thermoflush Acid Sanitiser

Thermoflush is a powerful blend of Phosphoric Acid and Glycolic Acid with an in-built sanitiser primarily used for the removal of milkstone in milking machine plants. Thermoflush is formulated for use in third line systems and is non-foaming.

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Powerflush Acid Sanitiser

Donaghys Powerflush is a very low foaming acid detergent formulated to clean and sanitise stainless steel and rubber surfaces that have been exposed to milk. Powerflush has an optimum mix of Sulphuric and Phosphoric acid with a biodegradable sanitiser.

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Circomate is a very low foaming heavy-duty chlorinated alkaline detergent formulated to clean stainless and rubber surfaces exposed to milk.

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Protosolv Liquid Alkali is a liquid dairy detergent specifically formulated for the removal of fats and protein deposits in milking plants.

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Hypo is a specially prepared solution containing 15% w/v available chlorine. It removes dairy soil from walls, floors and pipe-work and may be used as a booster when mixed with alkali wash through the plant and bulk milk tank.

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Neutral Detergent

Neutral Detergent is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications including general purpose cleaning.

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G2 Acid Sanitiser

An excellent cost effective acid for cleaning stainless steel farm plant and equipment.

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Dairy Rubberware

ProLiner Dual 22

Donaghys ProLiner Dual 22 is a 22mm teat end, round dairy rubber milking liner, designed as a dual fit to suit both short and long standard shells and both 10mm and 12mm claws.

Donaghys ProLiners are manufactured to meet the requirements of relevant European (BFR) and USA (FDA) standards – they have also been tested in New Zealand and have passed AsureQuality’s assessment for contact with dairy farm milk.

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Air & Milk Tubing

Cost effective hybrid rubber (air and milk) or transparent PVC (air) tubing. Available in a range of popular sizes, Donaghys Air and Milk Tubing are suitable and approved for use in New Zealand dairy shed.

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Teat Care


Uddercontrol is a teat spray containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate, for use in the control of mastitis in dairy cattle and as an aid in the control of teat cracking and chapping.

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Uddermate teat sanitiser is designed to kill mastitis causing bacteria while maintaining teat skin condition.  Uddermate is gentle on both operators and cows and is a very effective teat spray containing high levels of emollient.

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Uddersan teat spray is designed to prevent teat cracking and chapping and to kill organisms that cause mastitis.

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UdderMAX is an Iodine based teat sanitiser with Lactic acid to assist in the control of mastitis and maintenance of teat condition in Dairy cows. It's dual technology combination is NPE, QAC & ABS free.

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Emolan is a teat conditioner specifically designed for cows teats.

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Dairy Markers

Alert Tail Paint 500ml 12 Pack

Alert aerosol tail paint offers a unique formulation for guaranteed performance to improve mating management including heat detection without irritation to cows.

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Donaghys Tail Paint 10L Pail

Donaghys uniquely formulated liquid tail paint has been proven for years as reliable tool for heat detection in cows and a practical solution for managing herd mating.

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Donaghys Tail Paint 1L Applicator 12 Pack

Donaghys uniquely formulated liquid tail paint has been proven for years as reliable tool for heat detection in cows and a practical solution for managing herd mating.

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Torpedo Dispensers

An efficient low-cost water system dispenser utilising 10 & 20 litre containers, giving up to 24 hour dispensing.  Suitable for use with all soluble salts, magnesium, trace elements, powdered and liquid mineral supplements.

  • Solid brass head
  • Stainless filter
  • Full instructions included

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Drum Pumps

The Eziaction® drum pump, as its name suggests, is easy to use and has been specifically designed for maximum cleanliness when using bulk liquid drums.  Fits both 100 & 200 litre drums. Suitable for all Donaghys liquid products that do not contain harsh solvents.

  • Superior polypropylene construction - wide chemical resistance
  • True double action pump - continuous fast flow
  • Foot valve holder is secured tightly so doesn't slip
  • Anti pumping safety device - deters access by children
  • Pumps from base of container - all contents emptied
  • Unique Ezi-action® Adaptor Fittings - leak free, secure fit
  • 24 month manufacturer's warranty - high quality construction

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Donaghys easy to use drum stirrers (Lance hand mixer) designed to re-suspend settled liquid components.  Ensure drums are well stirred on a regular basis.

Available in 2 sizes. Small: 700mm stir depth, single paddle for 100 and 200 litre drums. Large: 900mm stir depth, double paddles for 1000 litre pods.

  • All stainless construction
  • Simple operation
  • Shaft turns free inside top housing

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Donaghys Milk Filters

Donaghys Milk Filters are manufactured from a super strong filtration material and easy to install for the prevention of sediment entering the farm milk supply.

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Dairy Doser

Donaghys electronic dairy doser has been specifically designed with materials suitable for a wide range of on farm cleaning chemicals.

Ideally suited for the accurate measure of Donaghys liquid acid & alkali hygiene products used for daily plant and silo washing

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