Dairy Doser

Donaghys electronic dairy doser has been specifically designed with materials suitable for a wide range of on farm cleaning chemicals.

Ideally suited for the accurate measure of Donaghys liquid acid & alkali hygiene products used for daily plant and silo washing.

Designed to operate in conjunction with a FDR (fast discharge reservoir which is supplied with the unit), to dispense chemicals into the wash tub. The FDR has volume graduations to allow dispenser calibration and give a visual check prior to use.
No potential contamination of vacuum lines.
No requirement to start the vacuum plant during cleaning.
Easy to install and program.
Safe - no handling of chemicals.
Accurate - extensive independent tests show the pump has achieved 95% accuracy of dosing over the life of the unit.
Auto primed - pump stops automatically when priming is complete.
Proof of delivery - green LED flashes when dispensing which indicates correct operation.
New Pump Technology - uses air pressure/vacuum to drive a diaphragm thereby almost eliminating pump wear.

Dairy Doser210.2 kB.pdf

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