Acids & Alkalis

Donaghys acid and alkali ranges include acids for daily plant wash and sanitising, alkalis for periodic removal of protein and fat, and general cleaners and sanitisers.


Pureflush is a new generation dairy acid sanitiser formulated from break-through technology using highly concentrated active ingredients found naturally occurring in milk.

1.5mL/Litre water

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Ecoflush Acid Sanitiser

Donaghys Ecoflush is a patented low foaming concentrated acid sanitiser and is biodegradable. Ecoflush is highly effective in all water temperatures and in the presence of iron contamination or hard water. It is less damaging to many dairy surfaces and non corrosive to steel.

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Thermoflush Acid Sanitiser

Thermoflush is a powerful blend of Phosphoric Acid and Glycolic Acid with an in-built sanitiser primarily used for the removal of milkstone in milking machine plants. Thermoflush is formulated for use in third line systems and is non-foaming.

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Powerflush Acid Sanitiser

Donaghys Powerflush is a very low foaming acid detergent formulated to clean and sanitise stainless steel and rubber surfaces that have been exposed to milk. Powerflush has an optimum mix of Sulphuric and Phosphoric acid with a biodegradable sanitiser.

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Circomate is a very low foaming heavy-duty chlorinated alkaline detergent formulated to clean stainless and rubber surfaces exposed to milk.

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Protosolv Liquid Alkali is a liquid dairy detergent specifically formulated for the removal of fats and protein deposits in milking plants.

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Hypo is a specially prepared solution containing greater than 13% w/v available chlorine when packed. It removes dairy soil from walls, floors and pipe-work and may be used as a booster when mixed with alkali wash through the plant and bulk milk tank.

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Neutral Detergent

Neutral Detergent is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications including general purpose cleaning.

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G2 Acid Sanitiser

An excellent cost effective acid for cleaning stainless steel farm plant and equipment.

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