Ecoflush Acid Sanitiser

Donaghys Ecoflush is a patented low foaming concentrated acid sanitiser and is biodegradable. Ecoflush is highly effective in all water temperatures and in the presence of iron contamination or hard water. It is less damaging to many dairy surfaces and non corrosive to steel.

Ecoflush is NZFSA approved for use in farm dairies.

  • Use at a highly economical rate of 1mL per litre of wash water
  • A patented blend of three biodegradable organic acids with a biodegradable sanitiser
  • Highly effective in iron contaminated, hard or soft water and with water at any temperature
  • Provides excellent cleaning of milking plant while minimising corrosion and residues
  • A very effective rust and limescale remover
  • Zero Quaternary Ammonium Acids (QAC)
  • Less damaging to skin than conventional sulphuric/phosphoric acid sanitisers
  • High strength acid sanitiser with 50% mixed organic acids
  • Accelerates scale removal by up to 20% compared to conventional acids
  • Dissolves milkstones and removes rust spots
  • Safe to use on a wide range of surfaces
  • Non toxic and less corrosive

"Half way through my second season of using Ecoflush I have not had a grade or had to scrub out the receiving can. The 1ml use rate makes Ecoflush economical especially with the results I am achieving. I would recommend Ecoflush to anybody, especially those with iron water and as an added bonus you don’t end up with hard chemicals in your effluent pond. "  Daniel Blanford – Pokeno. 200ha/442 cows

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Ecoflush Safety Data Sheet05. kB.pdf
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