Pureflush is a new generation dairy acid sanitiser formulated from break-through technology using highly concentrated active ingredients found naturally occurring in milk.
1.5mL/Litre water

  • Powerful, highly effective dairy acid sanitiser
  • 45% mixed organic (Lactic & Citric) acids
  • Zero Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC)
  • Surfactants and sanitisers are developed from ingredients naturally found in milk
  • Common residues sometimes found when using other acids cannot occur when using Pureflush
  • On farm trials found Pureflush to be suitable in all water types and dairy shed systems
  • Patent Pending 706023
Pureflush Haz Sheet07. kB.pdf
Pureflush Safety Data Sheet26. kB.pdf
Pureflush Label180.2 kB.pdf

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