Thermoflush Acid Sanitiser

Thermoflush is a powerful blend of Phosphoric Acid and Glycolic Acid with an in-built sanitiser primarily used for the removal of milkstone in milking machine plants. Thermoflush is formulated for use in third line systems and is non-foaming.

Thermoflush is NZFSA approved for use in farm dairies.

  • New generation technology
  • Dynamic formula - 630g/L Phosphoric Acid and 44g/L Glycolic Acid
  • Superior non-foaming
  • Unique non-QAC sanitising system
  • Rapid dissolving power on milkstone when compared with conventional acid cleaners
  • Will dissolve iron-oxide more effectively than phosphoric/sulphuric blends
  • Excellent in all water types, hot or cold - number one in hard-water areas
Thermoflush Haz Sheet02. kB.pdf
Thermoflush Safety Data Sheet02. kB.pdf
Thermoflush Label116.4 kB.pdf

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