Liquid Minerals

Donaghys liquid minerals cover the needs of all New Zealand dairy cattle. Whether you're in a Selenium deficient area or just need to give you herd an extra boost, Donaghys has the right liquid mineral supplement for your herd.

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DairyMin 5 Chelate

DairyMin® 5 Chelate

Donaghys DairyMin® 5 Chelate is a balanced blend of the 5 major trace minerals required by dairy cows in New Zealand.

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DairyMin® 3

Donaghys DairyMin® 3 is a liquid mineral supplement containing 3 essential trace elements.

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DairyMin® 8

DairyMin® 8 is Donaghys premium liquid mineral supplement in a probiotic extract base for dairy cows from pre-calving through mating and lactation. DairyMin® 8 ensures that adequate levels of trace elements are supplemented to enable cows to achieve higher levels of performance.

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DairyMin® 4 Chelate

Donaghys DairyMin® 4 Chelate is a liquid mineral supplement with extra Selenium for dairy cows from pre-calving through lactation.

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DairyMin® Chelate Custom Blend

Many Donaghys customers can require higher or lower levels of minerals such as Selenium and Copper in their chelated mineral products at different periods of time. If variations to Donaghys standard range of liquid chelate minerals are required, Donaghys can offer a custom blend service to suit farmers' specific needs.

Contact your local Donaghys Territory Manager for further information.

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