For the control of Rust and Fusarium species in pasture and Crown Rust and Stem Rust and Blind Seed in ryegrass seed crops.

Contains 800g/kg tebuconazole in the form of a wettable powder.

  • Controls Rust and Fusarium in pasture resulting in cleaner, healthier and more palatable pasture
  • Prevents the slowing of growth, rate of aging and death of grasses caused by Rust and Fusarium
  • Increases dry matter production of Rust and Fusarium affected pastures
  • Reduces ill thrift in stock caused by Rust and Fusarium
  • Compatible with Donaghys nitrogen boost, N-Boost™

Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P7625.

Myco-RF® Haz Sheet22. kB.pdf
Myco-RF® Safety Data Sheet22.01.18.431.7 kB.pdf
Myco-RF® Label764.4 kB.PDF

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