Donaghys Mycowet® is a non-ionic organosilicone 'Super Spreader' surfactant blend for the application of Donaghys Mycotak® and Donaghys Myco-RF® fungicides.

Contains a proprietary organosilicone/organic fluid blend.

  • Lowers the surface tension of spray solutions
  • Enhances the spreading and foliage deposition of Mycotak® and Myco-RF® fungicides.
  • When used accordingly to directions, will reduce off-target spray drift by up to 25%
  • Especially suited to situations where coverage is critical and particularly suited to low volume spraying and aerial applications where water coverage is a limiting factor
Mycowet Haz Sheet18. kB.pdf
Mycowet Safety Data Sheet18. kB.pdf
Mycowet Label248.2 kB.pdf
Mycowet Fact Sheet351.2 kB.pdf

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