A Gibberellic acid product for the stimulation of pasture growth in late Autumn and early Spring.

Contains 200g/L Gibberellic acid in the form of a soluble concentrate.

  • Stimulates extra pasture production when extra feed is needed in late Autumn and early Spring when pasture growth is limited by cooler soil temperatures.
  • Liquid formulation eliminates dissolving and dust issues.
  • Easy to mix and measure.
  • Can be tank mixed with Donaghys selective herbicides 2,4-D Amine and 2,4-D Ester 680.
  • Compatible with Donaghys N-Boost® and dissolved urea fertiliser.
  • Available in 1L – enough to cover 25 hectares!
GibbStart MAX Haz Sheet22. kB.pdf
GibbStart MAX Safety Data Sheet22. kB.pdf

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