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Donaghys N-Boost® is a patented nitrogen booster using world first technology for pasture and selected crops.

The N-Boost® System (designed for application on pasture) is 40kg/ha of urea dissolved in water with 3L/ha of N-Boost®, typically sprayed at 200L/ha.

In cropping situations, foliar applications of 3-6L/ha of N-Boost® are applied at specific growth stages to complement standard fertiliser applications.

By adopting the N-Boost® System, farmers can:

  • Double the pasture response to 40kg of urea
  • Significantly reduce the cost of dry matter production
  • Expect to reduce nitrate leaching by about 15%
  • Increase crop yields

Since 2008, there have been over 280 N-Boost® pasture and crop trials conducted by over 40 independent universities and organisations.

Modelling of a typical 160ha Canterbury dairy farm, using the Overseer® nutrient budget software, indicated up to a 15% reduction in nitrogen leaching from using the N-Boost® System at 40kg/ha of urea compared to 80kg/ha of urea only, without compromising pasture production. Click here for the Overseer® report.

Donaghys N-Boost® is the original scientifically proven and trusted Donaghys LessN® with the same ingredients and method of application.