Pasture Application

To apply the N-Boost® System onto pasture, 40kg/ha of urea is dissolved in water with 3L/ha of N-Boost® and typically sprayed at 200L/ha.

Urea is easily dissolved in water in an N-Boost® Mixing Station (supplied free* by Donaghys) or by agitating in a spray tank.

 The N-Boost® and dissolved urea solution is then foliar sprayed onto pasture with a conventional boom sprayer or boom jet.

  • N-Boost® should only be used when a nitrogen response can be expected
  • Soil temperatures must be 10°C or above
  • Ensure sufficient pasture cover for optimum uptake (1400-1600 kg DM/ha)
  • For best results apply the N-Boost® System 3-5 days after grazing
  • Sufficient soil moisture content is required for pasture to respond
  • Avoid application in very hot or windy conditions or within 6 hours of impending heavy rain

Crop Application

In cropping situations, 3-6L/ha of N-Boost® is applied as a foliar application with water, sprayed at an appropriate water volume (50-200L/ha). The N-Boost® solution is the applied to the target crop at specific growth stages in addition to standard fertiliser applications.

To save costs, N-Boost® is recommended to be used at the same time as a sprayed on herbicide, fungicide or insecticide application (with or without the addition of foliar nitrogen). It is recommended that a small area be trialled for compatibility if unsure.

Conditions and timing for spraying N-Boost® on to crops vary depending on individual crop types. Contact your local Donaghys Territory Manager for further information.

Donaghys N-Boost® is the original scientifically proven and trusted Donaghys LessN® with the same ingredients and method of application.