Mixing Station Promotion

Donaghys have mixing station tanks in the following sizes: 5000 Litres, 10000 Litres, 16000 Litres (for North Island only) and 25000 Litres.

N-Boost® Mixing Station Terms & Conditions

The N-Boost® Mixing Station promotion applies to New Zealand customers only while stocks last.

  • The N-Boost® mixing stations are supplied on the basis that a confirmed order for 1000 Litres of N-Boost® is placed.
  • The pump (if required) is supplied free of charge and is the property of the customer once payment in full for the product is received.
  • The tank, fittings and hose remains the property of Donaghys.
  • After a period of 24 months, if consistent volume orders have been placed and paid for, Donaghys will pass ownership of the tank and fittings to the customer.
  • Should these volume orders not occur, Donaghys reserves the right to uplift their property.
  • Any damage to Donaghys property while in the customers care is at the expense of the customer.
  • Mixing stations are limited to one per customer unless otherwise agreed by Donaghys.
  • The standard mixing station includes:
        - A 5000 Litre tank
        - Hose and fittings as detailed on the parts list
        - A 2" Honda water pump

Donaghys N-Boost® is the original scientifically proven and trusted Donaghys LessN® with the same ingredients and method of application.