Crop Trial Results

N-Boost® is recognised internationally where it is largely used in broadacre and intensive cropping situations.

N-Boost® has been proven to provide commercially viable yield increases on a range of significant broadacre and intensive vegetable crops.

Over 200 replicated trials have been conducted on 19 different crop types. In trials designed to quantify yield improvement, the overall yield increase for the N-Boost® treated crops was 10% compared to the untreated crops.

A summary of these results, along with further information about the nature of the trials, is available in the table below.

Donaghys N-Boost® is the original scientifcally proven and trusted Donaghys LessN® with the same ingredients and method of application. Some pdf documents with crop trial results on this website may refer to N-Boost™ as LessN, LessN 40 or the LessN System.

Crop Trial Results

Trial IDCountryLocationCropYield increase (%)View PDF
Average Yield Increase0 
Agrovista Canola 2011 1EnglandOtherBrassica8.8View
Agrovista Canola 2011 2EnglandOtherBrassica5.6View
Agrovista Canola 2011 3EnglandOtherBrassica1.2View
Agrovista Canola 2011 4EnglandOtherBrassica6.4View
Agrovista Canola 2011 5EnglandOtherBrassica1.1View
Agrovista Canola 2011 6EnglandNorth YorkshireBrassica6.1View
Airport Potato 2012USAOtherPotato46.9View
Alfalfa 2012USAOtherAlfalfa61.5View
Arkansas Cotton 2010USAArkansasCotton12.2View
Ashburton Corn 2011NZCanterburyCorn Silage11.3View
Ashburton Kale 2010NZCanterburyKale9.1View
Aurora Corn 2011USAColoradoCorn Grain6.9View
Banja Luka Cabbage 2010BosniaBanja LukaBrassica7.5View
Banja Luka Lettuce 2010BosniaBanja LukaBrassica4.4View
Banja Luka Radish 2010BosniaBanja LukaBrassica4.4View
Banja Luka Spinach 2010BosniaBanja LukaBrassica12.8View
Brandt Potato 2011USAOtherPotato11View
Brookstead Cotton 2011 2AAustraliaQueenslandCotton-2.4View
Brookstead Cotton 2011 3AAustraliaQueenslandCotton10.2View
Brookstead Cotton 2011 F3AustraliaBrooksteadCotton25.8View
California Corn 2011 1USACaliforniaCorn Silage5.2View
California Corn 2011 2USACaliforniaCorn Silage20View
California Corn 2012USACaliforniaCorn Silage-3.8View
California Onion 2011USACaliforniaOnion3.3View
California Pepper 2011 1USACaliforniaPeppers-3.4View
California Potato 2011 1USACaliforniaPotato3.7View
California Potato 2011 2USACaliforniaPotato3.1View
California Sorghum 2011 3USACaliforniaSorghum Forage17.3View
California Sorghum 2011 4USACaliforniaSorghum Forage13View
Christchurch Onion 2011 1NZCanterburyOnion13.5View
Christchurch Onion 2011 2NZCanterburyOnion6.3View
Christchurch Potato 2011NZCanterburyPotato14.3View
Company N 1USAChula, GACotton4.7View
Company N 2USAWinchester, ARCotton14View
Company N C2USAOHCorn Grain5.9View
Florida Pepper 2011USAFloridaPeppers9.2View
Florida Sugarcane 2011USAFloridaSugarcane6View
Georgia Cotton 2010USAGeorgiaCotton19.3View
Glamoc Canola 2010BosniaGlamocBrassica8.2View
Greenville Rice 2011USAMississippiRice-7.2View
Hawkes Bay Corn 2010NZHawkes BayCorn Silage4.4View
Hinds Corn 2010NZCanterburyCorn Silage-2.0View
Idaho Onion 2011USAIdahoOnion7.1View
Idaho Potato 2010 2USAIdahoPotato6.0View
Idaho Potato 2011 1USAIdahoPotato0View
Idaho Potato 2011 2USAIdahoPotato-0.8View
Illinois Corn 2010USAIllinoisCorn Grain7.0View
Kansas Corn 2 2011USAKansas State UniversityCorn Silage8.6View
Kansas Corn 2011USAKansas State UniversityCorn Grain1.5View
Leeston Alfalfa 2011NZOtherAlfalfa2.0View
Louisiana Sugarcane 2011USALouisianaSugarcane10View
Maine Potato 2011USAMainePotato7.1View
Mississippi Cotton 2011USAMississippiCotton13.2View
Motike Plum 2010BosniaMotikePlum6.7View
Mt Somers Kale 2010NZCanterburyKale28.2View
Mt Somers Turnip 2010 1NZCanterburyBrassica17.8View
Mt Somers Turnip 2010 2NZCanterburyBrassica-18.8View
Mt Somers Turnip 2011 1NZCanterburyBrassica16.9View
Nebraska Corn 2010USANebraskaCorn Grain6.7View
New York Hay 2012USANew YorkHay38.7View
North Carolina Bean 2012USAN.CarolinaBeans15.6View
North Carolina Peanut 2012USAN.CarolinaPeanuts9.2View
North Dakota Potato 2011USANorth DakotaPotato6.1View
Oregon Alfalfa 2011USAOregonAlfalfa12.2View
Oregon Corn 2011 1USAOregonCorn Grain7.2View
Oregon Corn 2011 2USAOregonCorn Grain24.1View
Oregon Corn 2011 3USAOregonCorn Silage12.4View
Oregon Corn 2011 4USAOregonCorn Silage27.5View
Oregon Corn 2011 5USAOregonCorn Grain0View
Oregon Forage Sorghum 1USAOregonSorghum Forage37.8View
Oregon Forage Sorghum 2USAOregonSorghum Forage38.3View
Oregon Onion 2011USAOregonOnion11.6View
Proctor Rice 2011USAArkansasRice12.3View
Riversdale Kale 2010NZSouthlandKale13.8View
Rotorua Corn 2010NZBay of PlentyCorn Silage10.5View
Ruapuna Kale 2010NZCanterburyKale21.9View
Ruapuna Kale 2011NZCanterburyKale16.4View
Saskatchewan Canola 2010CanadaSaskatchewanBrassica-5.3View
Sheridan Soybean 2011USAIndianaSoybean-0.1View
Springfield Fodder Rape 2009NZCanterburyFodder Rape19.9View
Springfield Soybean 2011USANebraskaSoybean5.2View
Staffordshire Potato 2011 1EnglandStaffordshirePotato15.1View
Staffordshire Potato 2011 2EnglandStaffordshirePotato16.8View
Texas Cotton 2010USATexasCotton6.3View
Topola Corn 2010BosniaTopolaCorn Silage6.5View
Utah Alfalfa 2011USAUtahAlfalfa8.9View
Utah Corn 2011USAUtahCorn Silage8.9View
Utah Corn 2012 1USAUtahCorn Silage-3.7View
Utah Corn 2012 2USAUtahCorn Silage13.5View
Utah Potato 2010 1USAUtahPotato10.8View
Utah Potato 2011USAUtahPotato6.8View
Utah Potato 2012USAUtahPotato7.4View
Utah Sorghum 2011 2USAUtahSorghum Forage7.8View
Vakuf Onion 2010 1BosniaVakufOnion4.6View
Vakuf Onion 2010 2BosniaVakufOnion5.9View
Vakuf Pepper 2010BosniaVakufPeppers9.4View
Virginia Potato 2012USAVirginiaPotato38.7View
Washington Potato 2010USAWashingtonPotato21.3View
Winchester Rice 2011USAWinchester, ARRice3.7View
Wisconsin Onion 2011USAWisconsinOnion18.7View
Average Yield Increase0