N-Boost® Pasture Trials

Since 2008, there have been over 280 N-Boost® pasture and crop trials conducted by over 40 independent universities and organisations.

Donaghys N-Boost® is the original scientifcally proven and trusted Donaghys LessN® with the same ingredients and method of application. All pdf documents with trial results on this website will refer to the N-Boost® System as LessN, LessN 40 or the LessN System.

Trial Summaries

Summary tables of all trial results can be viewed in the PDF documents below.

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Donaghys Trials
Independent Trials
Extended Trials
No Nitrogen Response Trials

Pasture Trials

To date, 67 trials nationwide have been conducted on a mixture of dryland and irrigated clover based pasture, making it the largest nitrogen response study on pasture in New Zealand since 1981. The trial periods ranged from 15 to 187 days with the average length of most trials being 25 days.
Over 100,000 individual pasture measurements were taken. Of the total trials conducted, 7 trials did not show a nitrogen response to urea application and a further 7 were not conducted in accordance with Donaghys recommendations (i.e. off-label).

The results from the remaining 53 nitrogen responsive trials conducted in accordance with Donaghys recommendations can be shown in the table below.

The trial results show an average nitrogen response rate of 24.35kg of dry matter per kg applied when using the N-Boost® System (3L/ha N-Boost® + 40kg/ha urea) compared to 10kg of dry matter per kg of nitrogen applied when using only 40kg/ha urea. In trials using 80kg/ha spread urea, the average nitrogen response was 12kg of dry matter per kg of nitrogen applied.

Extended Pasture Trials

Nine extended trials were conducted past one grazing round (average of 49 days) to assess the residual effect of N-Boost®. Five of these trials were independent and four were in-house. Extended trials proved that the residual effect of the N-Boost® System is similar to an application of solid urea at 80kg/ha.

One trial was also conducted throughout an entire milking season (seven grazing rotations). Treatments were reapplied before grazing three and grazing six. The treatment with N-Boost® grew similar amounts of pasture to the treatment with 80kg spread urea.

Donaghys N-Boost® is the original scientifcally proven and trusted Donaghys LessN® with the same ingredients and method of application.

Pasture Trial Results

NameSeasonIrrigationDaysUrea 40Urea 80N-Boost 40PDF
Average Nitrogen Response Rates000 
Donaghys AshburtonSummer 07-08Irrigated24111826View
Donaghys BurnhamSummer 07-08Irrigated16201630View
Donaghys CastlerockSpring 08Dry land2651021View
Donaghys ClintonAutumn 10Dry land401716View
Donaghys CulverdenSummer 08-09Irrigated2481230View
Donaghys Culverden 2Autumn 09Irrigated34-21219View
Donaghys DarfieldSummer 07-08Irrigated26101318View
Donaghys DargavilleAutumn 09Dry land20121017View
Donaghys DunsandelSummer 08-09Irrigated25101526View
Donaghys Dunsandel 2Autumn 09Irrigated297714View
Donaghys Dunsandel 3Autumn 09Irrigated224817View
Donaghys Dunsandel 4Autumn 09Irrigated248815View
Donaghys EyrewellSpring 08Irrigated233919View
Donaghys FoxtonSpring 08Dry land26121734View
Donaghys IrwellSpring 08Irrigated215917View
Donaghys KaitaiaSpring 08Irrigated23121939View
Donaghys Lake Taupo 1Autumn 09Dry land262715View
Donaghys Lake Taupo 2Autumn 09Dry land269925View
Donaghys LeestonAutumn 10Irrigated2520724View
Donaghys New PlymouthSpring 08Dry land2381636View
Donaghys Nth CanterburySummer 08-09Irrigated4720730View
Donaghys OxfordSpring 08Irrigated21111629View
Donaghys RakaiaSummer 07-08Irrigated35303763View
Donaghys RakaiaSpring 08Irrigated2091325View
Donaghys RanfurlyAutumn 10Irrigated4291023View
Donaghys RangioraSpring 08Irrigated2371628View
Donaghys RiversdaleSpring 08Dry land25101029View
Donaghys RollestonAutumn 09Irrigated2681429View
Donaghys Tai TapuSummer 07-08Irrigated21182350View
Donaghys TaurangaSpring 08Dry land251714View
Donaghys TemukaSpring 08Irrigated156814View
Donaghys WaitakiAutumn 09Irrigated2912918View
Donaghys West Coast 1Summer 08-09Dry land223814View
Donaghys West Coast 2Summer 08-09Dry land238614View
Donaghys West Coast 3Summer 08-09Dry land232921View
Donaghys West EyrtonSpring 08Irrigated2271223View
Donaghys WhangareiAutumn 09Dry land1881022View
Independent Aylesbury 1Autumn 07Irrigated21727View
Independent Aylesbury 2Autumn 07Irrigated21624View
Independent BanksideSummer 10-11Irrigated24251530View
Independent CambridgeSummer 10-11Dry land216719View
Independent Darfield 1Autumn 07Dry land212419View
Independent Darfield 2Autumn 07Dry land211124View
Independent DunsandelSummer 10-11Irrigated2581421View
Independent GreenparkSummer 10-11Dry land26111322View
Independent OhaupoSummer 10-11Dry land2413814View
Independent PendarvesSummer 10-11Irrigated21141026View
Independent RakaiaSummer 07-08Irrigated186717View
Independent SpringfieldAutumn 07Dry land211733View
Independent SpringstonSummer 10-11Irrigated24171730View
Independent TaiTapuSummer 10-11Irrigated27141231View
Independent WaikatoSpring 07Dry land281722View
Independent WoodendAutumn 07Irrigated21919View
Average Nitrogen Response Rates000