Peer Review

The peer review process is a system designed to ensure scientific information is trustworthy and that research is carried out rigorously. It also makes the results of research permanently accessible to other scientists so they can repeat the work or use it to inform their own research.

The pasture trial data and trial reports of N-Boost® (formerly branded as LessN®) have been submitted to four independent pasrties for peer review. All four parties have compiled reports on their findings. Extracts and links to these reports are available below. All pdf documents and extracts regarding peer reviews on this website will refer to the N-Boost® System as LessN, LessN 40 or the LessN System.


Journal of Plant Nutrition: How well do fertilizer enhancers work?

N-Boost trials have been peer reviewed and published in the Journal of Plant Nutrition. Click here to read.


AsureQuality Peer Review

This report by AsureQuality reviews the New Zealand field trials on pasture conducted by Donaghys to evaluate pasture responses to the application of N-Boost® in association with urea. It considers the design and conduction of the field trials as well as the analysis and reporting of results.

"Overall, the adopted trial design and statistical analyses are scientifically robust." AsureQuality Review; Aug 2009

Click here to view the full peer review by AsureQuality.


Two Independent Statistician Peer Reviews

Donaghys have commissioned peer reviews of all N-Boost® pasture trials by two leading independent statisticians.

Dr. David Baird is a director and biometrician at VSN New Zealand Ltd. He developed the GenStat statistical software program with VSN International Limited. He has previously held a position as an eminent scientist with AgResearch for 24 years. Dr. Baird holds a PhD in Applied Statistics from Otago University, a MSc (with Distinction) in Applied Statistics from the University of Reading and a BSc (with Honours) in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Otago.

"I would conclude that on average there was less than a 3% difference between the two treatments [LessN® System vs. 80kg urea per hectare]." Dr David Baird; Oct 2012

"The average addition[al] kg of N over 40 kg required to give the same response as LessN is 39 kg with a 95% interval of (35-44) kg." Dr David Baird; Oct 2012

Click here to view the full peer review by David Baird.

David Saville is the principal biometrician at Saville Statistical Consulting Ltd in Templeton. He has contributed to several statistical textbooks as well as numerous scientific and statistical papers. Mr Saville regularly holds courses on basic statistics, analysis of variance, regression and analysis of covariance focusing on explaining the basic ideas behind the statistical methods.

"In general terms, the LessN40 treatment yielded twice the DM response per kg of applied nitrogen as did the two treatments with the same rate of applied nitrogen (40 kg urea/ha), and was equivalent to the two treatments with twice the rate applied urea (80 kg/ha)." Dave Saville; Oct 2012

Click here to view the full peer review by Dave Saville.


FQC Peer Review Report

This Fertiliser Quality Council peer review is a report of the Expert Panel on the pasture trial programme conducted by Donaghys to support their claims regarding the agronomic performance of N-Boost®.

"This current review concludes that the overall trial program has been designed and conducted in a scientifically credible manner." Fertiliser Quality Council Report; Sep 2012

Click here to view the full peer review by the Fertiliser Quality Council.


Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre

A paper entitled "Nitrogen Response Effect of LessN: A Meta-Analysis" was presented at the Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre (FLRC) Conference at Massey University on 12-14 February 2013. Click on the reference below to download:

Jenkins, T.A. and Randhawa, P.S. (2013). Nitrogen Response of LessN: A Meta-Analysis. In:
Accurate and efficient use of nutrients on farms. (Eds L.D. Currie and C L. Christensen). Occasional Report No. 26. Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. 12 pp.

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