N-Boost® Testimonials

Donaghys N-Boost® is the original scientifcally proven and trusted Donaghys LessN® with the same ingredients and method of application. All testimonial references to N-Boost® or the N-Boost® System will be referred to as LessN, LessN 40 or the LessN System.

Harry Meijer - Oxford
I used LessN on my 15 hectares of kale crop at the runoff last season during the drought and had excellent results. I dissolved 50kg/ha of urea in 176 litres of water per hectare with 3 litres of LessN and applied two applications of this mixture over the season. This equated to 100kg of urea and 6 litres of LessN overall plus 400kg of DAP (at sowing). I used to spread 300kg of urea as well as DAP which meant with LessN I used 200kg less urea. I grew a 16 tonne kale crop which was at knee height in December and by February it was up to my hip (I’m about six foot three).Harry Meijer - Oxford
Lloyd & Sharon Vickers - Hikurangi. 100ha/180 cows
The mixing station is easy to mix with.  It is very convenient. Once it is dissolved it alleviates urea clumping and getting hard. I noticed a much more even coverage of growth on my paddocks. There is a better quality of feed, the cows do better and a much better recovery of growth after grazing.Lloyd & Sharon Vickers - Hikurangi. 100ha/180 cows
Gary Fredrickson - Taranaki. 185ha/550 cows
The biggest benefit of LessN, besides halving my urea bill is ease of application. Just ask my staff! It is simple to mix and we have no blocked nozzles at spray time. LessN is the best thing I’ve done for my pastures in years.Gary Fredrickson - Taranaki. 185ha/550 cows
Matt & Di Ness - Winchmore, Canterbury. 432ha/950 cows
We have used LessN over the past season. We have halved our nitrogen use without affecting production. We have noticed stronger clover content, more even growth and a thicker and denser pasture sward.Matt & Di Ness - Winchmore, Canterbury. 432ha/950 cows
Nigel Rawlings, Otorohanga. 48ha/100 cows
Since switching to LessN, we have reduced the amount of urea we use while growing more grass. Application is simple with the ability to mix Gibberellic Acid, fungicides and other sprays to maximise returns. Overall the farm looks healthier and I wouldn't go back to teh old way.Nigel Rawlings, Otorohanga. 48ha/100 cows