Fishing Braid

Donaghys produces a full range of trialled and proven synthetic braids for use in the fishing industry. The range includes Cod braids, Polyester Braidline and Superfilm Netline braids.  The trusted Blue 150L and 310L Superfilm Netline braids are still one of the only products that won't let you down.

Polyester Braid Line

Donaghys Polyester Braidline is a smooth braid for use in commercial fishing applications.

  • 16 plait construction
  • UV stabilised
  • Available in 9mm (500L), 11mm (700L) and 13.5mm (1150L)
  • 100 metre reels

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Superfilm Netline Braid

Donaghys' Superfilm Netline braid is an economy line for commercial fishing applications

  • Made from polypropylene
  • UV stabilised
  • Available in 6.5mm (150L) and 9.5mm (310L)
  • 220 metre reels

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Polyester Cod Braid

Donaghys Polyester Cod braid is for use in trawl nets and cod end zippers

  • 8 plait knobbly construction
  • UV stabilised
  • Available in 9mm x 100m reel

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