Plumbers Hemp & Twine

Donaghys twines are manufactured from first grade raw materials and form complimentary ranging to our many Industrial, Marine, Packaging and Telecommunications clients. The twines are purpose specific and are packed appropriately for the application and market they are aligned to.


Plumbers Hemp

Premium quality jute plumbers packing for the traditional application of packing and sealing plumbing joints. Donaghys' Plumbers hemp has long fibres for easy teasing and superior strength. Packaging is convenient with pull from centre balls perfect for on site trade and DIY use.

  • Natural brown colour
  • Sold in cartons of 10 x 500g spools

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Donaghys' range of twisted packaging twines and string, manufactured from soft cotton, economic natural Jute or strong Polypropylene film (PP) to various thicknesses governing strength.  Packaging varies from the traditional string ball to pull from centre dispensing spools.

  • Convenient retail packaging
  • Choice of natural or synthetic fibre
  • Excellent knotting and handling characteristics
  • String range (cotton, jute or polypropylene) supplied in trays of 10 boxes
  • Polypropylene film twines available in trays of 6 x 500g spools (8/1 black and 5/3 twine)

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