Donaghys are a specialist manufacturer of braids for project superyachts and specialist rigger requirements.  Carefully blended yarns within leading edge constructions, take rope performance to a new level making Donaghys the first choice for leading racing teams. 

Donaghys High Performance cover systems work perfectly in combination with our core range to protect and enhance the life and performance of the braids.  Customers can choose between Snakeskin and Mottled cover/jacket blend options, each providing different performance characteristics.  Careful blending of state of the art fibres with specific twist ratios provides the ultimate for any application.  Wear sleeves and chafe guards are also available to add additional protection over braids.

We welcome enquiry for specialty products built to exacting standards to provide optimal purpose built performance. Choosing Donaghys could make the difference between winning and losing so don't take that risk!


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Mottled Cover

In the mottled configuration, the different fibre typres are blended, providing the ultimate in performance and protection from heat build up and abrasion while maintaining optimum control in extreme racing applications.

  • Available in Standard Polyester blend and performance fibre blends
  • High performance blends including fibres such as Aramid, Technora®, Vectran® and PBO
  • Can be mated with PBO, Vectran®, Ocean12, UHMwPE, Dyneema® and Polyester cores
  • For more info on Performance fibre combinations, see cover blend options on this page

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Snakeskin Cover

In the snakeskin configuration, visible lines of each fibre type are distinctive and provide greater heat dissipation and adds grip when needed.  Ideally suited to Runner Tails and Sheets.

  • Aramid fibre adds grip and absorbs heat from friction
  • Technora® (dark grey fibre) offers superior abrasion and heat resistance, a step up from Aramid where general protection is required
  • Extremely hard wearing Aramid and Polyester cover prevents cover melting on winch drums
  • Prolongs rope life when used in highly abrasive applications
  • Ideally matched with a high performance PBO, Dyneema®, UHMwPE or Vectran® core

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Colour Options

Standard Polyester Cover

100% HT Polyester Jacket.  Available in white with colour fleck or mottled cover.  The mottled mix of natural and coloured HT Polyester Yarn adds aesthetic appeal to this economic jacket.

  • 100% blended polyester
  • Fibre orientation maximises abrasion resistance
  • Suited for all general rigging applications
  • Available in 3 colour options

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Performance Cover Blends

An economic technical mix to assist heat dissipation in areas of friction. The HT Polyester component provides cost savings in medium heat applications. Noticeable enhancement to grip.

Superior abrasion and heat resistance, Technora® offers a step up from Aramid where general protection is required.

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Precision Cover Blends

Excellent grip with smooth handling features. Both fibres have high melting points, low stretch and hard wearing properties. With near zero stretch there is minimal milking on the core.

As above, but with the added abrasion and heat resistance of Technora®.

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Elite Cover Blends

This blend offers high performance in heat resistance while maintaining smooth and precise control around winches. Ideal for sheets and runners.

Silky grip and handling features in the harshest of applications. Super light weight fibres with rugged wear characteristics. Excellent winch, clutch and heat performance. This jacket is designed for the ultimate in racing performance.

PBO cover offers unrivalled strength and precise control on winches even under extreme loads. Will not melt or glaze.

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Vectran Wear Sleeve

Vectran® Wear Sleeve is a 100% Vectran® loose weave wear sleeve for particularly high abrasion applications to extend the life of high performance racing braids.

  • Vectran® replacement for standard polyester jacket in high temperature / high abrasion applications
  • Can be urethane coated
  • 12mm & 14mm diameters

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GP Chafe Guard

GP Chafe Guard is a protective wear sleeve made from Stealth (UHMwPE) fibre.  Designed for protection of sheets and other ropes in high abrasion applications such as Halyard ends.

  • Protection of sheets and other ropes in high abrasion applications
  • Single cover braid
  • High UV resistance
  • Solution dyed, will not fade in colour

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