Dinghy Line

Donaghys have a dinghy line for your application.  Manufactured to minimise stretch, Spectraspeed™ was designed to provide the optimum performance for the competitive sailor.  In contrast, Dinghy Light is an economical light weight line suited for use on small keelboats and sailing dinghies.


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Super Swift12

Super Swift12  is a dinghy line with good strength and ultra low stretch to ensure performance on the water for any sailor.

  • UHMwPE braided core with coating 
  • 8 plait UHMwPE/PP multifilament mottle cover
  • Has little to no stretch compared to a 100% Polyester line
  • Easy handling with high grip
  • For dinghy control lines

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Superspeed is Donaghys' new and improved Spectraspeed, designed to provide the optimum performance for the competitive sailor. Manufactured to minimise stretch.

  • Minimal stretch, slippage and creep
  • Easy splice 12 plait UHMwPE core
  • High strength with minimal stretch and weight
  • Suited to Sheets, Halyards, Guys, Runners & Down hauls

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Superlite dinghy line is a lightweight rope designed for dinghy control lines. This braid has little to no stretch compared to a 100% Polyester line.

  • Lightweight with ultra low stretch
  • Twisted UHMwPE/Polyester fibre core 
  • Abrasion resistant HT Polyester cover
  • Multiple colour options

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Dinghy Light

As the name suggests, Dinghy Light is a lightweight dinghy line designed for use on small craft that do not require the sophistication or expense of exotic fibre sheets or control lines.  Dinghy Light is the perfect rope for low load applications when an easy to handle, yet economical line is preferred.

  • Light weight braid with no water absorption
  • Floats in water
  • Soft grip

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