Market Gardening

Donaghys have a range of synthetic and jute twines and lashings to suit specific Market Gardening applications. Our PP Multi End lashings and Jute Market Garden Yarns are sold as multi end coils, enabling the user to draw 50 ends of lashing from the coil at once to enable convenient multiple cuts, saving time and money.

Vegie Twine

Donaghys Vegie Twine is our Blackpak Single Lashing from the Blackpak lashing range. This twine is a strong synthetic lashing which holds knots well, is soft in handling and does not absorb moisture or rot.

  • Black colour further enhances UV stability
  • Each spool has pull from centre release to ensure smooth running
  • 4 x 1500m spools in each pack

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PP Multi End Lashings

Donaghys PP Multi End Lashings are strong synthetic lashings with the same attributes as Vegie Twine, conveniently packaged as a multi end coil. With multi ends, you can draw 50 ends of lashing from the coil at once to enable convenient multiple cuts, saving you time and money.

  • Convenient multi end coil
  • UV stabilised
  • Does not absorb moisture or rot
  • Available in 1400 and 1970 tex in 50 ends x 250m coil

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Household and Garden Twine

Donaghys Household and Garden Twine is ideal for tying parcels, plants, rubbish bags and gift wrapping. Made of polypropylene and available in green.

  • Light weight
  • 300g spool with approx 185m per spool
  • 12 spools per carton

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Jute Market Garden Yarn

Donaghys Jute Market Garden Yarn is a natural biodegradable twine, cut to length in convenient multi end cops. It has a soft feel and is used for all types of cut length general purpose tying at harvest. Used extensively in flower growing establishments for bunching and in nurseries and market gardens for general purpose applications.

  • Natural biodegradable twine
  • Convenient multi end cop of 50 ends x 80m

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