Safety & Arbor Ropes

Donaghys offer a wide range of braids and ropes for safety applications, tailored to users in abseiling, height safety and arboriculture.  Donaghys Static Safety Line and accessory range was designed to deliver the most responsive, reliable range of static descent braids available. Our safety ropes are characterised as supple for handling, coiling and giving superior feel and control when used with certified hardware in any abseil, belay or static descent application.

Donaghys range of arbor ropes were developed alongside certified Arborists and champion tree climbers to produce effective climbing and prusik lines, all certified to Australian and International standards. 

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Height Safety & Rescue Ropes

Response XT Static Safety Line

Response XT® static braids feature a kernmantle, parallel nylon core with plaited nylon protective jacket.  Manufactured using a heat set pre shrink process to produce a braid that delivers lower stretch with high strength. Fully certified to ensure peace of mind in any abseil, belay, static descent or rescue application.

  • Fully certified to AS4142.3, ANSI Z-133 and EN1891
  • Responsive and reliable
  • Heat setting, pre-shrink process for lower stretch
  • Quick access and excellent knot holding
  • Features certification tracer thread, coloured year of manufacture marker with batch coding on every spool

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Response LSK Static Safety Line

Response LSK® static braids feature a kernmantle, plaited nylon core with plaited polyester protective jacket.  These safety lines are highly visible with distinctive colour and fleck options for easy recognition of size or exclusive pattern allocation by client.  The Response range of abseil and rescue ropes is certified to ensure peace of mind in any abseil, belay, static descent or rescue application.

  • AS4142.3, EN1891, ANSI Z-133 & CE compliant
  • Low elongation, high strength
  • Quick access and excellent knot holding
  • Features certification tracer thread, coloured year of manufacture marker with batch coding on every spool

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Response Polyester Abseiling Braid

Donaghys Polyester static abseiling braids are a double braid and firm in construction.  Polyester is a tough, abrasion resistant fibre with less stretch and shrink characteristics than Nylon.  This abseil rope is suitable for abseiling, belay, static descent and caving applications.

  • Available in natural with coloured fleck
  • Available in 10mm and 12mm diameter

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Response Rescue1

Response® Rescue1 static braid features a plaited nylon core with plaited protective jacket construction. This rope is highly visible to assist in rescue operations and is certified to Australian and International standards.

  • Highly visible
  • Supple for handling and stowage
  • Fully certified to AS4142.3, ANSI Z-133 & EN1891 standards
  • Includes internal year of manufacture and standards marker yarns

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Response Hotline

Response® Hotline braid is designed for use for access to areas with extremely high temperatures. Featuring a high performance KK Aramid cover which is more resistant to damage from sharp objects, abrasion and heat than all other types of LSK static ropes.

  • Treated and heat set for lower stretch
  • No strength loss when wet
  • Fully certified to EN1891 standards
  • Features certification tracer thread, coloured year of manufacture marker with batch coding on each spool

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Climbing & Access Line

Cougar Climbing Line

Donaghys Cougar is an 11.7mm high performance climbing line for use in sports climbing and professional Arborist applications.  A superior double braid with abrasion resistant HT Polyester cover for improved grip and handling.

  • Will not milk when used with prusiks and traditional hitches
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Low stretch for excellent foot locking
  • Easy to splice with convenient double braid splice
  • Works well with hardware
  • Meets ANSI Z-133 standards

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Spark Climbing Line

Donaghys Spark is constructed using a tough 16 strand braided Polyester cover with a kernmantle core then stabilised to create an ideal hard wearing cost effective climbing line.

  • Fully splicable cover dependent construction
  • Low stretch
  • 12mm for easy grip while retaining a light weight climbing line
  • Wears well with high abrasion resistant low snag polyester cover
  • Highly visible
  • Meets ANSI Z-133 standards

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ResponseXT Access Line

Response® safety and rescue lines have been designed with your ultimate safety in mind, certified to AS4142.3, ANSI Z-133 and EN1891 standards.  Donaghys Response® ropes allow quick access for any emergency.

  • Low stretch, high strength
  • Excellent knot holding
  • Highly visible in trees
  • Fully certified

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Response Dynamic Access Line

Donaghys' Response® Dynamic Access Line is a superb climbing and fall arrest line for industrial and rope systems use. This access rope is a nylon kernmantle braid and is certified to ensure safety and peace of mind in your application.

  • CE Certified
  • EN892:2012 approved
  • Stretches to absorb stresses of rapid loading which lessens the likelihood of injury or falls
  • Good handling characteristics
  • Excellent line for cow tails and lanyards

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Prusik Line


At long last, a prusik line that will last.  Donaghys Armor-Prus features a unique cover blend of Technora and Polyester that acts like Armor over a core of light weight Spectra® 900/Kevlar.

  • Blended Technora cover to prevent melting and glazing
  • Very low stretch
  • Technora is rated 234°C higher than standard polyester
  • Easy to splice
  • Meets ITCC climbing comp rules
  • Economy line also available with Polyester core

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Superspeed Prusik Line

Approved for use as prusik material climbing hitches, Superspeed uses a high tenacity polyester braided cover over a UHMwPE core.

  • Very light weight, no stretch
  • Easy to splice
  • Meets ITCC climbing comp rules
  • Certified to Australian standard AS4142.3

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Rigging Rope & Lowering Line

Yachtmaster XS Rigging/Lowering Line

Yachtmaster XS is a 100% polyester double braid.  Designed for high strength with low stretch, Yachtmaster XS offers the ultimate in rigging or lowering lines.

  • Low stretch, easy to splice
  • Excellent handling and abrasion resistance
  • UV stable
  • Designed to run easily through rigging hardware
  • Available in 16mm in 100m reels

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Winch line

Donaghys Winch line is 8 times lighter and 70% stronger than Steel Wire rope. Coated with Donaghys Armorcoat, this braid has high abrasion resistance and can be customised with covers and fittings to suit specific applications.

  • Low stretch
  • High UV resistance
  • Floats and does not absorb water
  • High internal and external abrasion resistance
  • Virtually no recoil in the unlikely event of failure
  • Non rotational

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