Sheep & Beef Brochures


Donaghys N-Boost

N-Boost™ is a patented nitrogen booster using world first technology. Since 2008, there have been over 280 pasture and crop trials conducted by over 40 independent universities and organisations.

  • Double the pasture response of 40kg of urea
  • Significantly reduce the cost of dry matter production
  • Farm with nitrogen restrictions
  • Increase crop yields

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Donaghys Sheep & Beef Range

The sheep and beef industry is an integral part of New Zealand’s economy and here at Donaghys, we cater to farmers who supply succulent beef and lamb worldwide as well as high quality wool products. Donaghys Sheep and Beef products include probiotic extracts, mineral supplements, drench, stock markers, pasture management and farm and household accessories.

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