DairyMin® DMX

An animal remedy loose salt lick used to assist with the supplementation of trace element deficiencies in dairy cows and beef cattle.

Trace elements per kg: Calcium* 14g, Magnesium 9g, Sodium 185g, Iron 0.5g, Iodine 112g, Manganese 0.75g, Copper 1.25g, Zinc 3g, Cobalt 25mg, Boron 25mg, Selenium 3mg, Molasses 15g, Feed Bokashi 10g, Feedmeal base 200g

  • Magnesium boosted for use with both dairy and beef cattle
  • Supplies probiotic extracts and other natural digestion enhancers
  • Supplies macro and trace elements necessary for production, fertility and good health

*Calcium level equates to less than 5% of standard daily pasture intake of Calcium and is safe for use pre-calving.

DairyMin® DMX Haz Sheet12. kB.pdf
DairyMin® DMX Safety Data Sheet12. kB.pdf

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