Donaghys Cobalt concentrate is a liquid mineral supplement for cattle who require cobalt to derive energy from their feed. Cobalt is also an essential component of vitamin B12.

Contains 8.5mg/ml of elemental cobalt derived from cobalt sulphate.

  • Should be supplemented at times when livestock has a high energy demand, such as in cold weather, times of high production and calving
  • Encourages general good thrift
  • Improved milk production, appetite and fertility
  • In a liquid form and is ready to use
  • Should be used where a deficiency has been identified through animal testing or sampling of feed

Donaghys recommend regular testing of blood and liver samples in conjunction with veterinary advice to confirm optimum mineral levels are supplied. (Many factors can cause differences in required mineral levels).

Cobalt Haz Sheet29. kB.pdf
Cobalt Safety Data Sheet29. kB.pdf
Cobalt Label119.8 kB.pdf

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