Donaghys Copper concentrate is a liquid mineral supplement for cattle, sheep and deer. Copper is required for many essential enzymes and reduces the risk of poor fertility, ill thrift and lameness while improving disease resistance.

Contains 80mg/ml of copper derived from copper sulphate.

  • Should be supplemented at times when livestock is consuming feed which is deficient in copper (such as straw) or pasture on copper deficient soils
  • Should be used where a deficiency has been identified through animal testing or sampling of feed
  • Copper is in a liquid form and is ready to use
  • Should NOT be used in conjunction with high levels of zinc supplementation for facial eczema as this could reduce the zinc uptake necessary for therapeutic treatment of this disease
  • Avoid using with high iron content water, as this will reduce copper uptake
  • Care should be taken not to oversupply copper as high levels of copper can be toxic to livestock (caution is recommended when supplementary feeding with PKE)
  • Particular care should be taken with sheep when supplementing with copper

Donaghys recommend regular testing of blood and liver samples in conjunction with veterinary advice to confirm optimum mineral levels are supplied. (Many factors can cause differences in required mineral levels).

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Copper Safety Data Sheet03. kB.pdf
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