Flumetsulam 800

A post emergent agricultural herbicide for management of broadleaf weeds in clover, Lucerne, chicory, new and mature pasture and maize.

Contains 800g/kg flumetsulam in the form of a Water Dispersible Granule (WDG).

  • Will control or suppress broadleaf weeds in crops or pastures while selectivity to clover, lucerne and chicory is preserved
  • Applied using conventional ground or air spraying equipment
  • On mature pasture, Flumetsulam 800 may be applied in either spring or autumn for buttercup control. Repeat spring treatments for two successive seasons will maximise control of Giant Buttercup.
  • The addition of MCPB herbicide to Flumetsulam 800 will increase the range of broadleaf weeds controlled. Flumetsulam 800 is also compatible with most commonly used herbicides.

Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. P008589

Flumetsulam 800 Haz Sheet22. kB.pdf
Flumetsulam 800 Safety Data Sheet22. kB.pdf

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